If you can’t trust your drug dealer, who can you trust?

I’m sure that’s what Suzanne Basham was thinking as she dialed 9-1-1.  The 47-year-old Springfield, Missouri woman tried to purchase crack cocaine from what she thought was a reputable drug dealer (that’s an oxymoron, I know).  But instead of crack Ms. Basham got a bag of sugar.

Feeling that the confection was worth far less than the $40 she paid for it, Ms. Basham called local law enforcement to report the drug dealer for ripping her off.  She asked the police to arrest the bum for theft.

Adding insult to injury, officers instead arrived and arrested Ms. Basham for possession of drug paraphernalia after they discovered she had a crack pipe (I wonder if it was full of sugar?).  The lesson from the story (other than the obvious “don’t do drugs”) is that if your drug dealer rips you off for $40 less the value of a cup of sugar – cut your losses and don’t call the cops.