10 Interesting Golf Facts

  1. Golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, however the Chinese claim to have developed a similar game as far back as 943 A.D.
  2. Golf was banned by the Scots Parliament of James II.  Golf was prohibited on Sundays because it interfered with military training for the wars against the English.
  3. Golf-great Billy Casper turned pro in 1954 during the Korean War.  While serving in the Navy, Casper was assigned to a special athletic unit in the San Diego area.  This allowed him to keep his golf game sharp.
  4. Golf is the only sport played on the moon.  On February 6, 1971, Alan Shepard hit two golf balls while on the lunar surface.
  5. Five-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback (Canada) can drive a golf ball an incredible 468 yards.  He also holds the record for the fastest ever golf drive at 204 miles per hour.
  6. Up until the mid 19th century, golf balls were typically made of feathers that were boiled and then stuffed into a leather pouch, which was subsequently sewn up into a ball shape.  The first golf balls used in the 16th century are believed to have been made of wood.
  7. Not all golf balls have the same number of dimples.  Golf balls have anywhere from 330 to 500 dimples depending on which company designs the ball.  The ideal ball will usually have between 380 and 432 dimples.
  8. Americans spend $600 million on golf balls every year.
  9. Many Japanese golfers carry “hole-in-one” insurance. In Japan if you hit a hole-in-one it is customary to share your good luck by throwing a party complete with gifts for all your friends.
  10. The word caddy comes from the French word for student, cadet, which is pronounced cad-DAY.