Three Embarrassing Moments in Classical Music

1. Bernstein Didn’t Need that Score Anyway

If you’re playing in a professional orchestra, you’re not watching the conductor anyway so this debacle is more for the aghast audience members.

2.  14-Year Old Soloist Destroys Her Own Violin, Concertmaster’s Strad

You’ve earned the position of principle violin with the Tanglewood Orchestra and you’re forced to endure playing behind a 14 year old soloist.  How could this get any worse for you?  She breaks her E string, then takes your six-figure Stradivarius and promptly breaks your E string.

3.  Organist Bumps Transposition Key

I didn’t even know such a key existed, but apparently you can transpose an organ with the flick of a switch.  It’s probably best to not play with it during the concert, though – especially on a piece everyone knows.